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Fiction in the Columbia Journal (2021).

"Engineer's Dream

Fiction in Michigan Quarterly Review (2020).


"The Overmind

Finalist for the Chicago Tribune Nelson Algren Award (2020).


"When the Quarantine Ends"

Fiction at Monkeybicycle (2020).

"Men Carrying Anger

Fiction at Electric Literature (2019).


"The Literary Domination Society: Rules for Starting a Men's Book Club

A short video essay on PBS NewsHour (2018).

"Along the Highways

Fiction in the New Yorker (2005).

"An Engineer's Blueprint for Fiction"

A short essay in the Wall Street Journal (2012).


"Crazy Horse"

All about the Denver's big blue horse, in 5280 (2009).

"Voting Alone"

A short essay in the New York Times (2008).

"The Novelist Who Reconstructs Car Crashes"

An interview with Nick Arvin in the Atlantic (2014).

"A Harbor Built from Scratch"

About the man-made harbor at Omaha Beach, in Invention & Technology (2004).

"The Science of Writing"

An interview with Nick Arvin in Numéro Cinq (2012).

"Inside the Writer's Studio with George Saunders"

Nick Arvin interviews George Saunders in this Writer's Studio podcast (2014).

"Aaron Gwyn and Nick Arvin in conversation"

Nick Arvin interviews author Aaron Gwyn about his novel All God's Children for the Europa Book Club (2020).

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