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What the blogs are saying...

efeuilleton.com: "Sticker Shock" selected for Feuilleton of the Year for 2008.

My Life As Seen Through Books: "I generally don't enjoy reading books about war, but this one is so pointed and human that I really appreciated it..."

Book Takes: "I got this book in Denver, CO..."

Eudaemonia: An Conversation with Nick Arvin.

The Book Book: A review.

Black Garter Belt and Miss Prothero's Post on One Book, One Denver.

Roses and Thorns: "Nick Arvin's Articles of War is a story that rivets the reader to his seat..."

Porter Shreve: "Set near Omaha beach just after D-Day in 1944, Nick Arvin's first novel has the hallmarks..."

Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind: "What a short, amazing, furious book..."

Voyage of Welcome III: "Yesterday I finished Nick Arvin's Articles of War using a headlamp during my midnight to 3 a.m. watch..."

Collected Miscellany: "I am working on a review of Nick Arvin's novel Articles of War, but I thought I would share some of his prose with you as a teaser..." Read the review. Read the Q and A.

Rake's Progress: "Writer and Denver resident Nick Arvin gets a nice notice for his first novel..." And!

identity theory: "For the record, I am going to eschew (at least at this moment in time) yet another opportunity to rail against the game of chance that book publishing seems to be. There is no reason that I should have picked out this book..."

The View from Scranton: "I turn to Nick Arvin's Articles of War and I get pissed at the invertebrated cowardice of a grunt called Heck..."

Random Musings: "I did manage to get some reading in during the week..."

Between the Pages: "War novels typically run into one of two problems: either they needlessly glorify war and all of its components or they display so much condemnation..."

Meg's Book Reviews: "This is a short novel, but it is just amazingly written. I read whole scenes more than once..."

Steph's Book Reviews: "On the heels of another deeply disappointing election, it's now clear that our leader for the next four years will be the same man who sunk us neck-deep in the quagmire of war..."

Marquand.net: "I read Articles of War by Nick Arvin. I have to agree with one of the reviewers. The author's minimalistic style..."

Mickey Z.: "There was a review at Amazon in which the reader admitted this book took him by surprise. Perfect description..."

Bonnie's Books: "Articles of War, by Nick Arvin is decptively short and simply written. The seamless prose easily carries the reader..."

Random Words

a progressive on the prairie

Observation's of an old guy at leisure

The Gentlest of Infirmities

Also: Nick Arvin on MoorishGirl. And reviewed in I Read A Short Story Today.